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Regional Science Centre - Warangal :-

Introduction :

The Government of Andhra Pradesh issued the administrative approval for establishment of Regional Science Centre in Warangal with a budget outlay of Rs. 5.27 crores.  The Regional Science Centre, Warngal is being established on a hillock in Hunter Road, Opp. Vana Vignana Kendram, Hanankonda.   The operational area of the centre is 10 districts of Telangana Region of the State.

Buildings with unique architectural designs, approach road, educative and exciting scientific exhibits, non-conventional energy systems, specially organized greenery, recreation and centralized air conditioning facilities form part of the Regional Science Centre, Warangal initially.

Objectives : 

The Regional Science Centre, Warangal portrays state-of-the-art features on the best science communication mechanisms with an objective to develop curiosity and inquisitiveness towards science and technology in the minds of students, teachers, academicians and general public.


North West Side Elevation of the Building


 Aerial View of the Main Building

Model of Office building at RSC- Warangal.